Jan. 19th, 2011

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Hello all,
I thought I should at least try to post something before the month was up, there are a few things I know I need to tell and a few that we want to tell. I think I'll start with the hardest first:

I will not be able to do my masters degree this year and the reason is that I won't have saved enough money to have the required amount for a visa (you have to have quite a bit to be granted one and I'd have enough by next January but not by September) So I'm having to put it on hold until 2012. needless to say I'm disappointed  but I can't change reality (The Doctor wouldn't let me I asked)  but I'm   working to save the money so that I'll be more then well off in 2012.

Part of the reason for lack is that I had to buy a new car and now have car payments to make. The nice thing about delaying school another year is that I'll be nearly finished paying for it by that time and won't have to worry about a payment while abroad. Old Dobby (my Toyota Avalon) finally became un-drivable). I traded him in for a new car about two weeks ago. I confess to shedding quite a few tears as I drove him to the car dealers. We had some good times me and that car and I felt horribly guilty about trading him in for a nice shinier car. Like his name sake he was noble to the very end. My new (new to me) car is a Nissan Altima and I'm pretty firmly set on his name being Watson.  (I did briefly think about calling it Hammond or Stig, but it's too big to be called Hammond and it's a grayish gold so not really stig colored.) I'm enjoying being able to ride around feeling like I can make it home again.

 My mother and I have started back on watching our weight again, we both put on a bit over the holidays. [info][livejournal.com profile] edge_of_night
  had posted on her blog about a website she was using as a diary and it's great so far. It really helps keeping track of things and knowing just how much damage you are doing with each meal.  We've (my mother and I) have only been on it for about two days but neither of us has cheated yet, which is wonderful considering we found a new cafe with very yummy looking cakes :)

 Along with the diet and the new car new year type things I'm trying to have a really good clean out, I'm hoping to have a massive garage sale to raise funds for grad school. I also feel like I'm moving on with many things in my life (not all of them stated publicly here) and starting close doors and open new ones and I really want a clean start of it. I know I won't feel like I've done that unless I really go though and clean out everything. It's a slow process but I feel batter as I'm doing it.  You know very  "Start as you mean to go on.” sort of thing.

Anyway I guess that is it for now. night everyone.


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