Mar. 15th, 2011

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Hello everyone, lookie a post!

  I find myself starting to think about costumes for Dragon*con this year (I know it's early days...) and thought I'd post about it here feel free to throw in your two cents worth.

 King Baldwin is will be back, I'm not sure if I'll have time/money to do the outside robe, but I'll wear what I had last year for sure.

John Watson is also a for sure thing. I really need to get moving on it. I'm not too worried about finding jeans  and altering the jacket, I do want to find the proper cane though. I may have to settle for one that is the same shape but not quite the right color. I have found a wig I think would work well for John here: I'd love to know what you think.  At worst I could always reuse my Tintin wig(that started life a Carlisle wig).  The best part about this costume is diffently that most all of it can be found at Goodwill. I'm still working on the sweater  and still loving it, although the second half is not going as fast as the first, I really need to take a day with a pot of tea good music and have a knit-a-thon. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to add, it's such a pain to have to crawl under my desk unplug stuff  and then have to plug it all back in.

Phantom will also be back, it is far too much fun to be the Phantom and strangely it's the only costume that people don't just want a picture of, they want to be in the picture with me... probably because they can show that one to co-workers:)

Now then  the rest are in my unsure should I do them catagory

 Sharaz Jek - this is the all black vinyl Doctor Who villain. The vinyl suit  was so ripped up after last years parade I simply threw it away.   I am debating on wither or not to replace it (either with the same type of suit or  something closer to the original (real) costume). I'm on the fence about this  as I love the character and as far as I know I am the only person to have done the costume ever. On the other side rebuilding it if I do a similar suit how long will it last?  If I go for creating  it in the same way the show did (  Leather biker jacket and leather pants) the extra pieces of the costume that I still have won't match (one of the reasons I did the full suit was being able to match fabrics)  The costume is VERY hot, especialy for the parade  but I love the uniqueness of it .  hmm to be or not to be.

 Sarah Jane Smith- If I didn't bring Sharaz Jek I'd likely bring Sarah back, although again I'd need to redo this one  ( I was a good 20 pounds heavier  the last time I did the costume) . I kinda want to have something for the parade with the  Doctor Who group, although if I can get enough people to do Sherlock then I'll settle for just being behind them :) I'd  probably do  her Time Warrior/ Dinosaurs outfit again  or perhaps  her Genesis of the Daleks one. The advantage to Sarah Jane is once again everything can be from the thrift store.  the down side to this is it's simple, it's been done and not nearly as much fun, unless we have a Harry running around again :)

 Amy Pond- I may bring this one anyway just because it is SO comfortable.  This is the famous outfit from the Weeping Angels episode   you can see it here:
 I have everything except for the shoes and a wig. Which I plan on getting (the shoes anyway) Actually I confess to wearing the out fit during normal life, it really is super comfortable. The only issue with it is that there are so many Amy's running around, and I'd not even be a very good one so this would likely remain a after hours costume/ Monday morning costume. :) 

Top Gear- I love Top Gear  and I'd like to show my Top gear love.  First question would be who to be. I'm thinking possibly of James or Richard. As much as I'd love to do the Stig, there are a few Stig's already and  the correct helmet and jumpsuit are simply too expensive. Richard is my height exactly, and is in many ways my favorite though his clothing isn't  as  iconic. May on the other hand, though taller,  does wear some iconic shirts  (stripe jumpers or flowery  shirts).  I do have a very James May shirt already and any jeans i buy for Watson would be fine to use for this as well.  This is one that's just in the early stage of "wouldn't that be fun".  If anyone wants to do the other two boy's with me I'd think that would be epic. :)

Tintin- I've also thought of bringing  Tintin back, it was a very comfortable costume and with the film coming out  this year  maybe more then three people would recognize it.  am


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