Mar. 29th, 2011

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 Man there is nothing like trying on and taking pictures of costumes in progress to remind you to stay on a diet and exercise!  Good grief I need to get  into better shape!

On the up side though   My Amy Pond  "Angels" costume is almost done. I just need the brown head band and wig . I found a better skirt then the one I had been using  prior at good will today.  I'm not sure if I'm going to dye the skirt or not. It's nearly black on it's own but I won't mind it being darker.I've even gotten the nail polish (and those who know me know I'm not noramly a  nail polish kind of person but this is what Pond costuming has done!) Sorry about my chubbyness of me in advance :  

I have found that looking at Amy's costumes are addicting and I'm very tempted to do more of them  (I only wish I was as tall! Clothing on a 5'6 person do look the same as on a 5'11 person, pity.) I'd love to own the new Noa Noa dress she's wearing in the forth episode (this coming season). 

I will likely do Amy's (spoilers for first episode costume ) Utah outfit  because I came across a pair of jeans that would work for it simply by chance, that and it's nice and simple!  I figure why not, if I'm going to get the wig for the other costume.   These are the jeans ( I was trying to show the zipper on the side) Not the right color shirt, I'm still trying to find one I like. These are a tad too tight on me at the waist, but that's ok I want that to be motivation to drop a few pounds.

Picture under cut because it's for 6x01 DW )

The Watson sweater is coming along only 7.5 inches until the front is done, which I'm hoping I can do by the end of the week. I'd so like to bring this with me to Time Gate! Even if the jacket hasn't been altered by then.  I am going to get the Roni wig that I posted about last time  everyone seems to agree it's  a good one. I've just about decided to  go with a  not quite right cane for Watson, I saw one at the store for around 15 dollars. The shape of the handle is right  it's just the color  isn't. still debating  with myself on that.


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