Jun. 20th, 2011

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 I found this  flannel shirt on Ebay.  I was thinking it might do better then the other one I bought Amy, If I get it a bit big I can tailor it to be more of women's fit. what do you think?  
Picture of Amy's shirt for compareson )

 My other question is about the Harry Potter film. I'm going to the midnight showing (of course) and in costume. I had thought about  changing things up and going as Harry rather then Snape as I have done for the past 7 films, mostly because my hair is perfect Harry length and I don't have a wig for Snape (I've used my own hair almost every time for Snape)  I don't know if I ever posted pictures of the Snape jacket I made,it was a fast sewing job with cheap self cover buttons but it looked great for line sitting. What do you guys think?

This is from the last film, I had come from work so I didn't grease my hair  but it was fun. I was trying to finish it in time to wear  to School (I was in one classrroom for about three weeks and it was during Halloween) but I didn't manage to finish all of the hemming and buttons. i went instead as a student Slytherin (which the kids dressed as Harry Potter LOVED)       

It seems like I had something else to ask but I can't remember now... If I think of it I'll be back ;)


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