Dec. 25th, 2012

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 Greetings and Merry Christmas, it's been one hell of a year and God knows I don't ever want to do it over again!

I've been horrible about updating LJ and I have mostly abandoned it in favor of not doing much blogging at all. I felt the need to type tonight and communicate with some of you so I shall. I had to look back and see what all I had posted about the last year and how much I need to catch you up on.  Much of the  news was Flocked  so the long and the short of it :That my Father, Step-father and Grandmother all passed away this year, I got a full time real job, and... mostly this year has been a struggle to keep spirits up.   All of the deaths this year where unexpected and very painful, I did not get to have any goodbyes and with my Step-father there where many hurt feelings that can never be resolved. Because of the hurt  it took my mother a long time to come back to herself (understandably) and it meant I had to really keep it together when I really wanted to fall apart.  But it was not all doom and gloom I'm employed full time as a Special Ed Parapro  so I've gotten to leave the retail life behind. It's not an easy job but it's allowed me many more freedoms then I've have in the past. There was one point in the summer that it looked as though my position might have been cut but it ended up working in my favor and the short version is that I got to keep the job.

I am actively applying to Graduate School in the UK, I plan to go come hell or high waters this coming Sept (2013). I've got most of the application in I need to do the little essays they ask for the the application (which I plan on getting done this Friday when I've got the house to myself ). I'm  going for my MA in Film and Tv Production.

Other nice things that happend this year were going to Dragon*Con with my Mom, she came as a card carrying member and even cosplayed the whole weekend.  Although I have to admit that except for hanging out with my convention friends I didn't enjoy  Dragon*Con as much as I have in the past and because I'm wanting to do the grad School thing I decided to not buy a pass for next year. I will be going to 221b con and Timegate though.  

  Mom and I had  very nice holidays this year For Christmas we did a very low key Charlie Brown (although I wasn't feeling well for most of it) and Thanksgiving we enjoyed just getting to be off for the whole holiday,although I did go out and do some Black Friday Shopping for Mom while she was at work. Today (Christmas) has been very nice, we actually made ourselves relax and enjoy ourselves. I got a lot of nice things from Mom, including a new camera and yarn swift. Mom's going to help with plane tickets to England when the time comes. :)

New years is going to be low key since Mom's got to work New year's Eve and I return to work on the 2nd.  My biggest resolution for the New year is once again  weight, I was doing very good and keeping it off, but the stress the year has made it harder. I'm ok with that though, sometimes you've got to do what you can to keep going, but I'm going to be working extra hard to get back to were I was and below  before I get to grad school. My other resolution  is to  do the best I can to get into the school I want to go to, If the school turns me down that's fine just as long as I do everything I can to get there. I'll try and keep LJ posted on my school info, but I don't know if it's going to happen, I've been trying to keep a travel blog of the process of applying but right now I'm still at the beginning with that.   

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and I hope next year is better then this one.


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