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 Both of my wigs arrived today and I thought you might like to see them. The Amy wig is a bit more RED then I wanted, I'm thinking I should have spent the extra 12 bucks and got the Linda wig , but this one is growing on me more and more (mostly after I saw it a bit more objectivly in the pictures).And for the price I payed if I decide Amy will become someone I really want to get into cosplaying then I'll get the better wig. I had a great laugh when I first put it on, I thought I looked a little like a man in drag, especaily since I have bush men eyebrows at the moment. I'll be having those done in a few days (along with my hair and nails, I'm getting a day of pampering for my birthday)

So here is the Amy Wig (keep in mind I only have my hair stuffed up under the wig, I'm not wearing a wig cap):

Far away

close up

In light

Sorry about the size of the pictures, I'm on my mum's computer and it's not got much in the way of editing software. Next we have the Watson wig, it's a bit blonder then I wanted, I'm consitering  coloring in the roots. I've also got my street make-up on so I look extra girly. The back looks great though I should have gotten a picture of it... The sweater I'm still working my little heart out on, I'll for sure be able to get done with the body of it by Timegate not too sure about the sleeves though, on the up side the sleeves don't have to be on for me to wear it ;) 

Far away


close up

Hope you enjoyed or at thr very least got a good laugh!
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