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I couldn't bring myself to use fish sticks ( Matt Smith couldn't either he was eatting coconut cake). I thought french toast sticks would be a good sub, and they are so yummy with custard (but then isn't everything?)
If you don't like french toast sticks (or are having a time finding them) I did find this: (I'm not to sure about the peanut butter and sugar cookie together part though... chocolate would be better I think :)

Hmmm maybe I should get some bad bad beans too:) Oh and an Apple :) 

US friends Jammie Doggers, PG Tips (original, not special blend) and custard can be bought at Publix (they also have the right kind of beans too).  I've also seen one Kroger was carrying British Goods, but it was brand new (They also had a german section)

PG Tips special blend (and the custard and beans ) can be found at World Market(cost plus).

Both stores have the custard  in powder and canned form, I've had both and I recommend the canned. (the powder  is good but not as thick)

You are on your own for the Pond dishes, My dish set that I bought for collage was blue willow, for my birthday mom bought a me few more pieces so I had the set upstairs  so I could repack it together. :)

Date: 2011-04-22 03:34 pm (UTC)
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I love this plan! French toast sticks - great idea!


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