Apr. 11th, 2011 02:15 pm
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 Just got notification that my Amy and Watson wigs have shipped! I can't wait! it just made this day so much better (I had to go to the dentist this morning and now I'm off to work)  I'll post pictures when they get here! *squee's like a fangirl*
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this: $10 dollar boots!

and I fit into the smaller size of my Amy Pond Utah jeans! They are still snug, but another week or so of my exerciseand  diet program and they'll be perfect! I wore them out today. I'll be returning the larger size tomorrow :) Go Me! I'm still hoping I can find a decent plaid shirt before the 23rd. I went to Forever 21 today but didn't find one I liked. Hopefully someone out there will decide to bring the perfect shirt to Goodwill by me soon :)

*note to self need Amy/Doctor Who icon...
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 posting while LJ is working...

I think I may start to dream in plaid. I cannot find anything close to Amy's red plaid shirt in season 6. I've checked ebay, etsy, two Goodwills, Ross, Marshells, Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, wal mart, LL Bean, Plato's Closet, my mom's closet :)  nothing! (And that by no means is the whole list.) Searching has had some funny side effects, Every single banner ad on LJ  is about plaid shirts :)  So I thought I'd appeal to anyone who may be reading this:

Have you seen this plaid shirt? It's button down, with the plaid running sideways on the button strip, no pockets, quarter sleeves. If seen message me  :) It was probably in retail stores in late 2009-2010 (some of the items Amy wears are still in stores so their is hope yet :)

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 Man there is nothing like trying on and taking pictures of costumes in progress to remind you to stay on a diet and exercise!  Good grief I need to get  into better shape!

On the up side though   My Amy Pond  "Angels" costume is almost done. I just need the brown head band and wig . I found a better skirt then the one I had been using  prior at good will today.  I'm not sure if I'm going to dye the skirt or not. It's nearly black on it's own but I won't mind it being darker.I've even gotten the nail polish (and those who know me know I'm not noramly a  nail polish kind of person but this is what Pond costuming has done!) Sorry about my chubbyness of me in advance :  

I have found that looking at Amy's costumes are addicting and I'm very tempted to do more of them  (I only wish I was as tall! Clothing on a 5'6 person do look the same as on a 5'11 person, pity.) I'd love to own the new Noa Noa dress she's wearing in the forth episode (this coming season). 

I will likely do Amy's (spoilers for first episode costume ) Utah outfit  because I came across a pair of jeans that would work for it simply by chance, that and it's nice and simple!  I figure why not, if I'm going to get the wig for the other costume.   These are the jeans ( I was trying to show the zipper on the side) Not the right color shirt, I'm still trying to find one I like. These are a tad too tight on me at the waist, but that's ok I want that to be motivation to drop a few pounds.

Picture under cut because it's for 6x01 DW )

The Watson sweater is coming along only 7.5 inches until the front is done, which I'm hoping I can do by the end of the week. I'd so like to bring this with me to Time Gate! Even if the jacket hasn't been altered by then.  I am going to get the Roni wig that I posted about last time  everyone seems to agree it's  a good one. I've just about decided to  go with a  not quite right cane for Watson, I saw one at the store for around 15 dollars. The shape of the handle is right  it's just the color  isn't. still debating  with myself on that.
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 Yay more costuming stuff, you know you love it :)

 I think I've found a good wig for John Watson. It's style-able  and is a good price.   I've seen from lots of people  who've bought from the same company  that there wigs are  great for the money and look good. It'll have to be next pay check though because I bought myself a new pair of converse today  which took up most of my mad money :) 

I've also been seriously thing about  doing an  Amy Pond costume , but I'm still debating if I want to spend the money on a  wig for her too. Although I found myself looking at a pair of jeans today that would work for  one her new season 6 costumes making me think I'm more intreasted then I thought I was in cosplaying Amy. ( I know what many of you are thinking; "Do it! It's a girl costume you never have female costumes!)  I would  certienly wear  it for Time Gate and  probably for a Thursday or Monday at Dragon*con.

 So far I haven't found a sweater for Sarah Jane yet  I don't suppose any of you have anything like this hanging out in your closet?Or  a pattern for culottes? Etsy has a few patterns but a similar sweater has been hard to find ( although doing a search for 70's sweaters has yielded some great ugly sweaters, let me tell you!). Sorry about the link I was going to put a picture here but LJ is being stupid (again).  Still not sure if this is the costume I want to do, I like her Time Warrior outfit, and I like some of the outfits she wears in the new series (which would let me use my Sonic lipstick :) What do you lot think? 
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Hello everyone, lookie a post!

  I find myself starting to think about costumes for Dragon*con this year (I know it's early days...) and thought I'd post about it here feel free to throw in your two cents worth.

 King Baldwin is will be back, I'm not sure if I'll have time/money to do the outside robe, but I'll wear what I had last year for sure.

John Watson is also a for sure thing. I really need to get moving on it. I'm not too worried about finding jeans  and altering the jacket, I do want to find the proper cane though. I may have to settle for one that is the same shape but not quite the right color. I have found a wig I think would work well for John here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=170597462233 I'd love to know what you think.  At worst I could always reuse my Tintin wig(that started life a Carlisle wig).  The best part about this costume is diffently that most all of it can be found at Goodwill. I'm still working on the sweater  and still loving it, although the second half is not going as fast as the first, I really need to take a day with a pot of tea good music and have a knit-a-thon. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to add, it's such a pain to have to crawl under my desk unplug stuff  and then have to plug it all back in.

Phantom will also be back, it is far too much fun to be the Phantom and strangely it's the only costume that people don't just want a picture of, they want to be in the picture with me... probably because they can show that one to co-workers:)

Now then  the rest are in my unsure should I do them catagory

 Sharaz Jek - this is the all black vinyl Doctor Who villain. The vinyl suit  was so ripped up after last years parade I simply threw it away.   I am debating on wither or not to replace it (either with the same type of suit or  something closer to the original (real) costume). I'm on the fence about this  as I love the character and as far as I know I am the only person to have done the costume ever. On the other side rebuilding it if I do a similar suit how long will it last?  If I go for creating  it in the same way the show did (  Leather biker jacket and leather pants) the extra pieces of the costume that I still have won't match (one of the reasons I did the full suit was being able to match fabrics)  The costume is VERY hot, especialy for the parade  but I love the uniqueness of it .  hmm to be or not to be.

 Sarah Jane Smith- If I didn't bring Sharaz Jek I'd likely bring Sarah back, although again I'd need to redo this one  ( I was a good 20 pounds heavier  the last time I did the costume) . I kinda want to have something for the parade with the  Doctor Who group, although if I can get enough people to do Sherlock then I'll settle for just being behind them :) I'd  probably do  her Time Warrior/ Dinosaurs outfit again  or perhaps  her Genesis of the Daleks one. The advantage to Sarah Jane is once again everything can be from the thrift store.  the down side to this is it's simple, it's been done and not nearly as much fun, unless we have a Harry running around again :)

 Amy Pond- I may bring this one anyway just because it is SO comfortable.  This is the famous outfit from the Weeping Angels episode   you can see it here: http://www.seanpaune.com/2009/07/21/first-images-of-matt-smith-as-doctor-who/
 I have everything except for the shoes and a wig. Which I plan on getting (the shoes anyway) Actually I confess to wearing the out fit during normal life, it really is super comfortable. The only issue with it is that there are so many Amy's running around, and I'd not even be a very good one so this would likely remain a after hours costume/ Monday morning costume. :) 

Top Gear- I love Top Gear  and I'd like to show my Top gear love.  First question would be who to be. I'm thinking possibly of James or Richard. As much as I'd love to do the Stig, there are a few Stig's already and  the correct helmet and jumpsuit are simply too expensive. Richard is my height exactly, and is in many ways my favorite though his clothing isn't  as  iconic. May on the other hand, though taller,  does wear some iconic shirts  (stripe jumpers or flowery  shirts).  I do have a very James May shirt already and any jeans i buy for Watson would be fine to use for this as well.  This is one that's just in the early stage of "wouldn't that be fun".  If anyone wants to do the other two boy's with me I'd think that would be epic. :)

Tintin- I've also thought of bringing  Tintin back, it was a very comfortable costume and with the film coming out  this year  maybe more then three people would recognize it.  am
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 Hello LJ, long time no see.  I've been sick for the past week which has been blah, I mean nothing to complain about I'll get better, it  just makes time go slowly  and keeps me from getting to do fun stuff like a friends birthday, reading for Dr. Seuss' birthday and helping a friend move. It's also keeping me from getting back on the good diet exercise train.  Hopefully I'll be fully over by the end of the week ( by sheer force of will if nothing else :))

 Have have gotten in some fun things despite all  that. I meant my friend Louis  to discuss  the panel on the Enigma we're doing for Time Gate  which was lots of fun, he's got so many stories to tell.  I got lots of hand made valentines from kids at the school I sub at a lot which was really sweet . We went to a Hockey game (mom gets season tickets  for Christmas)  the game we saw last week was g=fantastic, lots of fighting and  our team was just plain awesome. It was also by a jersey for 5 bucks night so all three of us  bought one, and enjoyed looking like geeks.

I've been missing my movie night/ knit night girls both the set from college and the set from after, I just know we'de be having an Oscar party this evening! Mom and I attempting a two girl version  tonight :)  I never got to see Black Swan which is a pity,  I'll have to catch it on DVD.  Nor did I get to see many of the other oscar nod's (not really into True Grit (I dislike westerns) nor 127 Hours 9although that did look like it was worth seeing). I did get to see the King's Speech though, which i thought was very well done and a such a nice change of pace from other films, my only dislike in the film was Spall as Churchhill.  I find myself wishing once again that the Oscars had a Best Ensemble award. 

Coming up this weekend Mom Scott and I are going to see Charlie Daniels which should be good fun.  We're alos going to see Frankenstein in Macon, which should be great fun.

Lets see what else.. I've finally spent my  christmas gift cards, mostly on DVD's: 3 seasons of Top Gear and because B&N had a great  Brit DVD sale( 65% off and free shipping)  I'm finishing off my  As Time Goes by collection. I  also got this years Top Gear calender, it makes me smile every time I see it. well worth the extra charge for the export. 

I'm still working had on my Watson sweater,  it's been slower going on this side because I seem to have over done it on the Christmas knitting this year so  My right wrist doesn't want to comply all the time. But I'm still enjoying the project. I've also finished one sock in my time traveler yarn (it's self-striping to look like the Doctor's scarf)  starting on the second one soon, and I'm teaching mom how to use DPN's.

Um I guess that's it for now.
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Hello all,
I thought I should at least try to post something before the month was up, there are a few things I know I need to tell and a few that we want to tell. I think I'll start with the hardest first:

I will not be able to do my masters degree this year and the reason is that I won't have saved enough money to have the required amount for a visa (you have to have quite a bit to be granted one and I'd have enough by next January but not by September) So I'm having to put it on hold until 2012. needless to say I'm disappointed  but I can't change reality (The Doctor wouldn't let me I asked)  but I'm   working to save the money so that I'll be more then well off in 2012.

Part of the reason for lack is that I had to buy a new car and now have car payments to make. The nice thing about delaying school another year is that I'll be nearly finished paying for it by that time and won't have to worry about a payment while abroad. Old Dobby (my Toyota Avalon) finally became un-drivable). I traded him in for a new car about two weeks ago. I confess to shedding quite a few tears as I drove him to the car dealers. We had some good times me and that car and I felt horribly guilty about trading him in for a nice shinier car. Like his name sake he was noble to the very end. My new (new to me) car is a Nissan Altima and I'm pretty firmly set on his name being Watson.  (I did briefly think about calling it Hammond or Stig, but it's too big to be called Hammond and it's a grayish gold so not really stig colored.) I'm enjoying being able to ride around feeling like I can make it home again.

 My mother and I have started back on watching our weight again, we both put on a bit over the holidays. [info][livejournal.com profile] edge_of_night
  had posted on her blog about a website she was using as a diary and it's great so far. It really helps keeping track of things and knowing just how much damage you are doing with each meal.  We've (my mother and I) have only been on it for about two days but neither of us has cheated yet, which is wonderful considering we found a new cafe with very yummy looking cakes :)

 Along with the diet and the new car new year type things I'm trying to have a really good clean out, I'm hoping to have a massive garage sale to raise funds for grad school. I also feel like I'm moving on with many things in my life (not all of them stated publicly here) and starting close doors and open new ones and I really want a clean start of it. I know I won't feel like I've done that unless I really go though and clean out everything. It's a slow process but I feel batter as I'm doing it.  You know very  "Start as you mean to go on.” sort of thing.

Anyway I guess that is it for now. night everyone.
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So 2010 is nearing the end time to do that “looking back” thing one does around new years in order to establish just how much time you can claim you didn’t waste.  Perhaps that’s a bit negative, maybe I should be saying  the time that you got away with doing f*ck all… no that doesn’t quite work either, still moving on.  In 2010 I got my first job as a substitute teacher and was then hired on long term so the first four months of the year where very busy. I managed to travel more than I ever have before, and found that what I had thought to be true is in fact true: I like to travel.  First To Thomasville, to help clean my out my Grandmother’s house, , not fun but it was nice to see family. I went on a road trip Washington DC  for three great days with my friend during spring break . I think it was my first trip since elementary school during an actual spring break. We went to a TSO concert while there.   I went to Time Gate, a very small convention  in Atlanta, which  while not far, was  fun. There I made, or rather was reacquainted with, a friend.   During the summer I took my first trip to the west coast and spent a few days in San Francisco while my mother was there on business. (I also spent way more time in Wisconsin then I ever thought I would due to a tornado). There was Dragon*Con, but more on that later.   I went to Boston for a cousins wedding and then a trip to Savannah to audition for SETC.  Not too bad for only one year.

    Hmmm… in the interest of keeping this not so boring and because I had to restart my computer and it lost  quite a bit of this post I’m just going to list the other things, while periodically inserting smart ass comments.

Books: Richard Hammond’s   Life on the edge, As you Do, and Or Is That Just Me, The World According to Clarkson by Jeremy  Clarkson (My Top Gear Boys!), Helene Hanoff’s  84 Charing Cross Road and Q’s Legacy, Herge’s The Adventures of TinTin (yes all of them ) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (including A study in Scarlet and Sign of the Four)  A Life in Secrets by Sarah Helm, Station X (BBC),(Thanks Louis!) and I’m sure multiple re-reads.

TV ;Top Gear, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures , QI, Have I got News For you, Law and Order UK, NCIS, Ghost Hunters International,  PBS Brit Com’s Sherlock (OMG Epic WIN!)  The Last Enemy, White Chapel, Tomorrow People ( hacked my DVD player to make it region free) and I’m sure there where many others…

Stage: Phantom of The Opera (last time). Beethoven’s Last night,  Peter Pan, Two Music Concerts at the Ragamuffin

Movies (In Theater, if I did DVD’s as well the list would be epic): Avatar, Twilight New Moon, Harry Potter

Costumes: Sharaz  Jek, TinTin, Phantom of the Opera, King Baldwin IV, Snape, renfest dress (didn’t  make but fit back into (yay!)

Knitting: Dalek, windmill bag, baby hat, Wizard Hat, Scott’s 1941 hat, Cowl, present that can’t be named yet, started on Watson Sweater!      

Music: William Joseph, Romeo et Juliette (new cast), Love Never Dies

And I think that is it really. As you can see lots of time wasted, in fact while writing this I should have been doing other things. I suppose I get points for stick-to –it-ness if nothing else.  Here’s hoping that 2011 will be even more awesome (and for the love of all that is good let me find out what happens to Sherlock and Watson in the Swimming pool!)

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 Hello all!

 My Christmas very nice and quiet . I had Christmas Eve off and spent it  with my parents, mostly trying to finish  knitting Scott's present ( a 1941 Navy watch cap) and listening to Radio 2 with mom while she cooked up a storm. We also watched Bridget Jones  together , again with me trying very hard to finish knitting. We  lost our telephone, internet, and cable  during the evening  so we watched a few Christmas films (national lampoon and A Christmas Carol) and had yummy ham sandwhiches together.  It was very nice and cozy. I finished wrapping up presents and   finished off my evening with Garfield's Christmas and The Vicar of Dibley.   Christmas morning  was lots fo fun, I knew what my big gift from mom would be, a new cell phone, but I did have few good surprises  Like a yarn ball winder and a knitting needle set from Knit Picks. Scott got  me a gift card  to Amazon. Squee!  After that we got dressed and  Scott's mother,  sister and her husband came over for dinner, which was awesome, mom went a little crazy with the food, but it was sooooo good. We also had fun with the crackers ( My Grandmother looked smashing in her paper hat, she and all of us wore them the whole meal) And while we where eating it began to snow.   Which look really pretty but kept me from heading up to my "other family's" house.   We all opened our gifts to each other and  had desert  ( Two cakes and a Trifle OMG it was good).

Today was largely a lazy day, Scott had to leave on a trip to Chicago,  so that took up most of the time.  Although Mom and I did get in a walk in the snow and watched the second Bridget Jones movie

I've started working on  the front half of  my Watson sweater  on my new needles :))  I think mom is looking forward to this costume as much as I am,  When we  went to the mall she  half dragged me into a medical supply store to see if they had  reasonable cane  for the costume, they did have one in the correct style but the wrong color, still it was fun to see her embrace the costume hunt like a fan girl :) 

I'm still very excited about England, I've finally decided on the topics I'm going to write for on one of the essays I have to send in with admissions and my Aunt and Uncle have both volunteered to read them and give me feed back when I'm finished. (Both are Professors and  do a lot of admissions reading for the PH.D program at the school ) I'm hoping with the house to myself during the day time this week I can get started on writing, I'd like to get my applications in  by mid January.

I'm also excited although a bit sad that I'll likely be buying a  new (used) car very soon, Dobby (yes my car has a name)  has finally reached the end of the road and is no longer safe, or affordable to drive.   This stinks  a) because I do like the car and b) with me looking to be out of the country it takes a sizable chunk of change and will be sitting here for a year. But I really don't have a choice, leasing a car is too expensive.   I've got my eye on a Kia that I like,   I'll probably be going sometime next week to  look at them.

And i think that's it for the news, I'm sure I'll be posting before or after the new year with resolutions that I'll break within the first 24 hours of the new year :)
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 Back of the Watson Sweater with jacket for costume, I'll b altering the jacket to look more like the on screen version.  now that i've finished my holiday knitting (I think) I'll be starting on the front of the sweater.

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I have a been a terrible blogger of late, and for that I am sorry.  Nothing much has been happening lately, it's mostly been work. I have finished doing yet another Harry Potter knit swap, the package came out very nicely if I do say so myself but the person I've swapped with has not yet seen it so I won't post pictures of the final project just yet. Finishing  the swap project has meant that I'm back to working on the Watson sweater. I'm on the arm holes now and will hopefully be at the neck soon . Then I get to start on the front and the sleeves. I'm still enjoying the project and mostly I've gotten over the fear of taking on a sweater :) The pattern is available  to everyone now and  actually has my name on it as one of the authors.:) It pleased me to no end to see my name on it.

  I had also been working on creating a new Snape jacket, it was a quick sew and not as neat or as accurate as I would have liked it to be, but  truly it was meant to be wore for these last two films and as a quick costume should i have need of one, despite it being out of a cheap material it came out  nicely and looked well on me. I also had two firsts for me button holes and covering buttons. Again I'll try and post pictures later, I only have four USB ports and they are all on the back of my CPU  which makes it a pain to get to them and unplug something just to upload a few things, I've actually thought about going back to an old style roll ball mouse just to free up one of the ports.  I really want to get a new computer in the near future, but I won't allow myself to do that until I either pay off my credit card or a new job demands it. 

I have of course been to see the new Harry Potter, which I thought was wonderful, and I think the best one they've come out with in terms of the overall finished product, I can't wait to see see it again. I went with my friends to see the midnight show and wore the Snape costume I mentioned above.  If any one is interested I'll do a proper review of it,  but if no one is then I'll not bore you with my thoughts. 

 I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to tomorrow, it is a guilt free day off. School in my county is out for the holidays so no one will be calling and I don't have to be at the store tomorrow. Yay! I'm hoping I can get some writing done with the time. I've been neglecting the story for far too long.  After tomorrow my week becomes busy, I'm working until 11:30 pm  on Tuesday and 1am or later on Weds.   Thanksgiving I'll be at my aunts house in the mountains. Driving back down after eating there because I've got the AM shift for Black Friday  I have to be at the store at 3:30am  (means I leave my house at 3:00 ugh)  although to be honest I'm glad I got the morning shift it goes quickly and you don't have to clean up after the madness.

Um I think that it, I hope my American Friends have a lovely Thanksgiving week and I'll be back posting very soon asking  about  my yearly winter card send out, since for once I'm getting into the Christmas mood early this year. Anyway  TTFN
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 Hmmm not doing to well on that whole "I'll blog more" thing am I? Although to be fair I've been out of two for the better part of two weeks. Last week I was in  Mass.  from Thursday to Monday and then this week I was in Savannah from Thursday to yesterday.  I was in Yankee land for a Wedding ( Ugh family time, shoot me) and then Savannah was where the Screening auditions for SETC where. I didn't make the cut for the auditions but I had a nice time all the same.  I'm hoping I'll post more on it later (I have pictures)  but right now my mind is wanting to talk about the fact that it's 8:45 and  no schools have called me for tomorrow. Not that I'm opposed to having a day off  but I had been getting to be in my old class from last year frequently and there was a  small hope that I might get that job back, or at least get to keep subbing in there until the county decides. But them not calling me yet has me worried, perhaps in this time I've been away they've found someone else they like better? (I'll admit this is not likely the teacher had requested me for last week but I was away)   hmm worrying. I'd rather have the call tonight then tomorrow, it's  not a scary somehow if you have a few hours to get your self ready for a job, rather then the  half hour you end up getting with an early morning call (also lets you know when to set your alarm).

  I've got to go to the dentist  on Tuesday an old filling has gotten a cavity under neither it, yuck so I have to have a root canal. Shutter. The good thing is though is that my insurance covers a huge chunk of it.

I guess that's it, i just really felt I should blog about something, I felt the need to blog (I often do, I just don't always follow through) .
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 hello all
 I feel like blogging today because really life has been pretty good.   While I don't have many hours at the store I've been working  more at the school, enough that I'm not having lots of guilt over  not working enough. I am auditioning for SETC    in the hopes of landing an acting job. My God have I missed acting and the theater., That rush  or excitement. I miss it so much, I'm going to enjoy having another crack at it. I've picked a comic monologue  that I'm tweeking to be a bit more me. I knew when I read it the first time that  I was going to do it

And then of course there is Sherlock which has given me  new things to hunt down and Squee over. I have seriously not had a new fandom crush like this in a while, I've forgotten how fun it is. Thank goodness for Ravelry  where I have lots of other people to go crazy with.  I mentioned before that I'm recreating Watson's sweater, which I  plan to have finished before Timegate.  (Watson is my new character crush, if you couldn't tell)  I thought I'd show you how far I've gotten in three days:

What do you think? Pretty close?   I'm working with someone else on the pattern we'll probably publish it on Rav after we are done and have written it up.She's knitting it in the round and I'm knitting it flat  we are also both trying different yarn weights. It's been a lot of fun working on this with someone and not just trying it all by my lonesome.   I'm also trying to hunt down other bits of his costume, it's strange having lots of time to do it in, I'm used to getting costumes together in a month not months :)

Anyone else here a Sherlock Fan?


Sep. 19th, 2010 11:51 am
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 My mom showed me this

Today's horoscope "You'll access the weirdest bits of information. Your random recollections add color and spice to your current scene. Fall in love with the way your own mind works- other people have."

 This is especaily funny  with the new Sherlock obsession going on with me :)
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 I took these earlier  I apologize for the Chaos in the background of these pictures  I was just getting started in packing and because my Step-father works from home I stayed in my room to avoid the heckling   (actually I have to give the man points  he teases me   to tease but he's never  said or acted strangely about so many of my costumes being male)  and since no one else was here I just took them on a timer , but it will give you a good idea of what everything looks like.  I'm just putting up the two newest ones since most of you have seen the other two.

Pictures! )
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... incredibly stupid I am.  So my Snowy dog came today and it's only four inches tall.   I thought I was getting one that was about 20 inches tall.... no I bought him from Canada  and he is 20cm tall *head desk*. It's  compleatly my fault the bid does state both  measurements, I simply didn't read it through clearly enough, the other  auctions where for the larger dogs I may have gotten  them mixed up. I'll proably keep him, since I'd rather not have to deal with mailing him back within the time frame of seven days. He can be a reminder  of what happens when I get  crazy about getting something. :)  He is cute just not what i thought I was getting!

 But anyway with Little Snowy's arrival  that marks everything off my list!   Packing time has commenced! I seriously need a Tardis to pack everything in...
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 Yay  The Phantom and Sharaz Jek can be packed. I am sooooooo glad I took the hem out of the Phantom's trousers and  made them longer, such a small thing and it make all the difference in the world, rather then looking like  the trousers had shrunk from years of pushing a boat out  into an underground lake they  make me look  like I've got longer legs. Yay! Sharaz Jek's mask just got a touch up of paint and Mod pog . Once It's dry it'll be good to go. I've also picked a Baldwin mask  (yay)  So once I've found where I've misplaced the Coif that will officially be ready to pack away too . The mail hasn't come yet today there is still hope that a little white go could get here in time :) 

The cats have been very helpful in packing. oy.

and in continuing to rip off Y's list ;)

White shirt
Blue sweater
Brown plus fours
make up

Snowy (please let him get here before Thursday!)

Bow tie (bow ties are cool!)
boots(same as Sharaz Jek)

Pants hemmed

King Baldwin
Head dress

Mask (still trying to make a choice)

Sharaz Jek
neck piece
body suit
belt (with hidden wallet (If I don't write it down I'll forget it)
Undercloths ( leggings  t-shirt)
boots (same as Phantom)

Unit Bootcamp
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 It's going to be a looooong week this week, I'm working everyday at the school and at Big Red.  Yesterday and today are in Kindergarten  and  then the rest of the week is third and forth grade. At red we are zoning to planogram  because of inventory (yuck!)  I'm looking forward to  Dragon *con even more now (if that is possible :) )  I don't remember if I posted it before and I'm too lazy to go and check so I'll just say it again/ for the first time. I finished my costumes on Saturday so a week before the con I am ready to go which feels weird aren't you suppose to spend the night before doing major work on a costume? ;) Anyway off I go to the fun world of elementary school.
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Bwhaaaaa! It's mine Mine I tell you! Yay I won the action for the Snowy dog :) Now here's hoping it gets here in time!
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