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 So I'm thinking that the best way to solve my zipper problem  is to say screw the zippers and  sew on velcro .  Most of the stores around here don't sell zippers that are big enough for the teeth on the suit, I just have to make sure the velcro is strong enough to stay closed with movement and sitting.  Velcro also means that I've solved a problem I had with only one zipper working: If I need to open the top part of the suit to get in some cool air or to take the mask off I can do that while in public, with the zipper I had  once I was in I was in!

I've made the muslin for the neck piece and I think it will look right if I make it slightly smaller. The hood to the costume has turned out awesome  and I'm very pleased with it. I'm almost finished with the mask but I've hit a slight problem, I bought the elastic to  hold the mask on the face but I have lost it.... and as i type this I have just found it, sigh I am such an idiot, I was going to say I thought Diva had stolen it since she has a thing for "string mouses" as we call them but no it's sitting in plain sight on top of my CPU , even though I've looked there before. *head desk*   my only excuse is that it's black on black, but ya... So I'll be compleating the mask  today then. I can't wait to wear this costume with other fans who will know the character. (I've already had a few Peri's who have asked for photo's with them and there Doctors)  This costume has been a motivating factor in me staying on my diet, I've only got 5 more pounds to go to get to my goal for August! I'm 30 pounds from being at my ideal weight . Go me!

 I've also realized that  the tunic I had made for a possible spellbinder costume is not as bad as I first thought it was  (I'm starting to believe my mother when she says I'm too hard on myself about things I make) I   only need to shorten the hem  and dart around the waist .  While rewatching the program I realized that the insignia on the tunic for the show where printed onto paper  (or similar material) and glued onto the shirts  I figure just about any methord I use will be better looking then the orginals.  I may try and get this costume finished in Time for Dragon* Con,( maybe there will be one person there who will know show.)   If I do finish it it will be the lightest costume I own :)   (is it really a costume if you are not dying in the heat?)

So  very likely my D*C costumes are thus:

Sharaz Jek
Sarah Jane Smith (Amanda  you still have no idea how greatful I am you suggest that costume last year!)


Young Snape (not that anyone gets I'm young snape, but I know it's who i'm suppose to be :)


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