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It's been well over a year since I've posted anything on Livejournal, and except for a few communities on here I really don't visit it any more. I find myself needing a place where most of the people in my daily life don't have access to so that I can write about things a bit more freely.. like my annoying flat mate.... but anyway I don't have any huge gripes right now I just felt the need to write somehing other then what i should be writing ;)

 I suppose a few updates are in order now that's it's been over a year. The biggest one is that I am writing this from my flat in Manchester ENGLAND. Yup I made it. Its been hard and exhausting fun, but it's the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm working on my Master's degree in Children's Digital Media at Salford University. I'm currently directing my first short film as part of a collaborative project for school, and doing a few other projects as well. I've made some great friends that I hope will be future co-workers. It's till up in the air if I will get a job and be able to stay here, but at least I feel like I'm moving towards living my life the way I would like to. It was extremely hard to have to let go of families places and friends in the name of moving on, but I know that I had to, other wise I would still be doing the same thing hoping that they would get better.

I'm still struggling with huge amounts of self doubt but contently trying to beat it back and jump into things that scare me.Like directing, my first rehearsal was disaster but but my second one went well, I'm proud of myself for fixing the problem and carrying on. I'm having issues again with controlling my weight, but again trying to get back into good habits, it's a hard habit to break over eating and eating sweets, particularly when you want to try everything!  But I'll get there in the end.  Mom's coming to visit in April and I'd like to lose some weight before then for our trip to Paris!

I am loving my time here and I do hope that I may be able to stay, although I miss my cats like crazy. Who knows what the future holds?
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