Feb. 27th, 2011

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 Hello LJ, long time no see.  I've been sick for the past week which has been blah, I mean nothing to complain about I'll get better, it  just makes time go slowly  and keeps me from getting to do fun stuff like a friends birthday, reading for Dr. Seuss' birthday and helping a friend move. It's also keeping me from getting back on the good diet exercise train.  Hopefully I'll be fully over by the end of the week ( by sheer force of will if nothing else :))

 Have have gotten in some fun things despite all  that. I meant my friend Louis  to discuss  the panel on the Enigma we're doing for Time Gate  which was lots of fun, he's got so many stories to tell.  I got lots of hand made valentines from kids at the school I sub at a lot which was really sweet . We went to a Hockey game (mom gets season tickets  for Christmas)  the game we saw last week was g=fantastic, lots of fighting and  our team was just plain awesome. It was also by a jersey for 5 bucks night so all three of us  bought one, and enjoyed looking like geeks.

I've been missing my movie night/ knit night girls both the set from college and the set from after, I just know we'de be having an Oscar party this evening! Mom and I attempting a two girl version  tonight :)  I never got to see Black Swan which is a pity,  I'll have to catch it on DVD.  Nor did I get to see many of the other oscar nod's (not really into True Grit (I dislike westerns) nor 127 Hours 9although that did look like it was worth seeing). I did get to see the King's Speech though, which i thought was very well done and a such a nice change of pace from other films, my only dislike in the film was Spall as Churchhill.  I find myself wishing once again that the Oscars had a Best Ensemble award. 

Coming up this weekend Mom Scott and I are going to see Charlie Daniels which should be good fun.  We're alos going to see Frankenstein in Macon, which should be great fun.

Lets see what else.. I've finally spent my  christmas gift cards, mostly on DVD's: 3 seasons of Top Gear and because B&N had a great  Brit DVD sale( 65% off and free shipping)  I'm finishing off my  As Time Goes by collection. I  also got this years Top Gear calender, it makes me smile every time I see it. well worth the extra charge for the export. 

I'm still working had on my Watson sweater,  it's been slower going on this side because I seem to have over done it on the Christmas knitting this year so  My right wrist doesn't want to comply all the time. But I'm still enjoying the project. I've also finished one sock in my time traveler yarn (it's self-striping to look like the Doctor's scarf)  starting on the second one soon, and I'm teaching mom how to use DPN's.

Um I guess that's it for now.


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